Challenge in the operating theatre

Living microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, or spores represent an increased risk of infection, especially in open wounds. Sterile and disinfectable operating theatres, working equipment and compliance with strict hygiene regulations are therefore indispensable in the medical sector. While after optimal cleaning of 10,000 microbes only 100 are detectable, after optimal disinfection or sterilisation it is almost 0.

IP65 compliance

All ACL products are closed at the front according to IP65, splash-proof and dust-proof. With a screwless housing and round corners, integrated PCap-Touch and sophisticated cable management, they are particularly easy to clean completely. They have been specially optimised for wipe disinfection and thus offer the best protection against germs and resistance to prevent contamination.

Thus, ACL products contribute to an efficient reduction of microbial contamination in the patient environment when handled correctly.