OR-MD® – medical display for the best image in full HD and 4K

The medical display of the OR-MD® series is the first choice for medical image and video displays in the operating theatre and intensive care units. Bright, true-colour displays and a high all-round viewing angle are the hallmarks of this series. It was specially developed for viewing radiological, endoscopic, and microscopic images and can also be used as a second screen.

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The OR-MD® is the first choice for medical image and video displays in the operating theatre and intensive care units.


OR-MD® – the best image in full HD and 4K.


Displays Full HD monitor display sizes: 15",18",21",24",27",32"
UHD monitor display sizes (4K): 24",27",32",43",49",55"
PCAP multi-touch
DICOM preset
Inputs and outputs Individual (e.g. DVI, VGA, DP display port, HDMI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI)
Options Optical bonding
Cable cover
Individual customer layout

State-of-the-art PCAP multi-touch screen

MD Diagonalen 590x420

FHD: 15“,18“,21“,24“,27“,32“
UHD (4K): 24",27“,32“,43“, 49", 55“

Fields of application

  • Operating theatres
  • Endoscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Visualisation within the patient environment (according to EN DIN/UL 60601)


All medical displays up to 32" can be optionally bonded. The special process of optical bonding reduces distorted light refractions and disturbing reflections caused by bonding the display to the glass. This further increases the brilliance of the images and the experienced user can recognise the finest gradations in shades even faster and more reliably.

acl or md 2420 4
acl or md 2420 3
acl ip65


The medical displays are water- and dust-proof according to IP65 on the front side. Dust turbulence is prevented by the fanless, completely enclosed design. The full-surface safety glass pane makes it completely disinfectable. An additional antibacterial coating is optionally available. 

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Calibrated DICOM Preset for optimized display of grayscales is optionally available.

acl bedside terminal 2420 1


We offer exactly the right accessory solutions for the OR-MD® according to individual requirements. You can find more information on the accessories page.

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Application examples

The medical display shows its greatest strength in the viewing of images and videos in radiology, endoscopy and microscopy. With optional touch function, they can also be used as a second screen for various medical products. In addition, two different signal sources can be shown simultaneously in full resolution on the display.

acl oem odm 7

Made in Germany

ACL produces as an independent owner-managed company in Germany and is therefore able to fully and independently manufacture and supply individual and high-quality products to satisfy your needs.

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