University Hospital Ulm - ACL supplies state-of-the-art surgical technology

The well-being and recovery of every patient is the highest priority in a hospital. Modern and fault-free devices play an enormously important role in this respect, and have become a matter of course in the medical sector.

The hospital's clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine, head and neck surgery of the University Hospital Ulm is known nation-wide. The focus is on tumour therapy, reconstructive plastic surgery, paranasal sinus and skull base surgery as well as microscopic ear surgery including hearing implants for congenital or acquired hearing loss – areas which require first-rate diagnostics.

Uni Ulm Prof v2. Hoffmann Kittel

Displays with high quality

"The displays are particularly bright and have a very good contrast with a high resolution. We are also particularly impressed by the fact that there are no reflections that could interfere with an operation."

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann,
Medical director of the ENT clinic and head and neck surgery,
University Hospital Ulm
Image source: University Hospital Ulm

Cooperation at a high level

"The new devices are used to display the electronic patient record, but also for preoperative imaging of the patient or digital X-ray images," reports Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, medical director of the ENT clinic and head and neck surgery at the University Hospital Ulm. As a top national oncological centre, the University Hospital Ulm has high demands on imaging, particularly in the field of diagnostics. ACL's OR-Console® allows even the finest gradations in shading to be detected more quickly and reliably.

The most important aspect was the individual integration of equipment into the existing IT infrastructure. During an on-site meeting at the hospital, all relevant questions could be clarified and the premises could be examined in detail. During installation, our service technicians reacted flexibly to the conditions on site.

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The ACL OR-Consoles® newly installed in the operating theatres are used for different purposes. These include, for example, the display of the electronic patient file for preoperative photos of the patient or digital X-ray images.

alc or console 5

This is also where the strength of the OR-Console® becomes apparent: they are particularly bright, have very good contrast, and high resolution.

ACL OR-CONSOLE® is splash-proof and can be completely disinfected.

ACL OR-CONSOLE® is particularly bright, have very good contrast, and high resolution. In addition, there are no reflections at all. In concrete terms, this means no optical errors that could interfere during an operation – be it distractions caused by reflections, or possible misinterpretations.

ACL OR-CONSOLE® is splash-proof and can be completely disinfected. This also ensures perfect hygiene in the operating theatres.