Our employees - 25 portraits for 25 years of ACL

On the occasion of the 25th company anniversary on November 07, 2022, ACL had 25 employee portraits created as part of a photo project. The photographs reflect the diverse tasks and responsibilities of the employees from the different departments at ACL and offer an insight behind the scenes of the company.

Golinski Andreas 88 web

Andreas Golinski 
Purchasing | at ACL since 1997 

Nilsson Eike 20 web

Eike Nilsson
Final assembly | at ACL since 2013

Noffz Christian 899 web

Thomas Noffz
Research and development | at ACL since 1997

Tischoff Claudia 312 web

Claudia Tischoff
Commissioning | at ACL since 2015

Kaden Daniel 32 web

Daniel Kaden
Clean room | at ACL since 2016

Ismoilov Erkinbek 32 web

Erkinbek Ismoilov
System administration | at ACL since 2016

Ziemke Ingolf 8 web

Ingolf Ziemke
Service | at ACL since 2003

Herzigkeit Andy 1323 web

Andy Herzigkeit 
Production | at ACL since 2013

Kockelke Kilian 990 web

Kilian Kockelke 
Regulatory affairs | at ACL since 2021

Our employees are the core of our success

"For 25 years and going forward, our employees have been at the core of ACL's success and everyone is a part of it. It's important to be able to rely on the departments in the company, and I can do that with a clear conscience."

Thomas Wollesky, CEO

Stegemann Sina 66 web

Sina Stegemann
Sales | at ACL since 2020

Maudrich Sven 23 web

Sven Maudrich
Final assembly | at ACL since 2019

Jaehn Erik 1418 web

Eric Jähn
Research and development | at ACL since 2021

Falk Patrick 700 web

Patrick Falk 
Incoming goods| at ACL since 2021

Margulis Anica 82 web

Anica Margulis
Marketing | at ACL since 2020

Pranzkat Matthias 1429 web

Matthias Pranzkat
Construction | at ACL since 2021

Rentsch Steve 1090 web

Steve Rentsch
Milling department | at ACL since 2014

Malicke Frank 15 web

Frank Malicke 
Quality assurance | at ACL since 2000

Kubelkova Sona 387 web

Soňa Kubelková
Sales | at ACL since 2021

Behind the scenes

MakingOf 34
Making Of Set
MakingOf 24
Spitzl Martin 193 web

Martin Spitzl 
Technical routing production | at ACL since 2020

Kraenkel Maik 102 web

Maik Kränkel
Business development | at ACL since 2018

Fiedler Paul 93 web

Paul Fiedler
Product management | at ACL since 2020

Seidewitz Steve 1631 web

Steve Seidewitz
Sales | at ACL since 2022

Quaas Danilo 15 web

Danilo Quaas
Outgoing goods | at ACL since 2012

Haven Michaela 561 web

Michaela Haven
Accounting | at ACL since 2021