Funding projects enable research

While ACL continuously works on the further development and improvement of its core products OR-PC®, OR-MD® and OR-Console®, the company's development department conducts additional research and implements development projects. Basically, these are aimed at establishing new core technologies and thus expanding the product portfolio.

New research project with the Innovation Centre for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)

With the research project SORLIC, which ACL has carried out together with its long-standing cooperation partners - the ICCAS - Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery and the development service provider for embedded systems tecVenture, we are breaking new ground in the research and development of imaging systems for the intra-operative planning in plastic surgery. The system captures image data in infrared range and processes it to estimate concentrations of blood vessels before the procedure and makes the result available in real time for the surgeon. This saves time and minimizes risks.

icass demonstration web2

Demonstration of the assistance system consisting of mobile cart with medical PC, measuring system and VR headset

2 Benutzeroberflaeche in Mixed Reality bei Betrachtung mit Mixed Reality Brille Microsoft HoloLens final web

User interface of real-time 3D data visualisation with AR/VR system

Jens Bieler, Head of Project Management at ACL, on the advantages of the assistance system: "As the system is non-invasive, potential tolerability concerns of conventional methods are reduced and the patient's well-being improves. The results help to increase treatment safety and lead to more efficient workflows and facilitate the work of clinical staff.”
The funded research project SORLIC will be presented by the team at the "Innovationstag Mittelstand 2023" of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) on 15 June 2023 in Berlin.

iccas logo web
uni leipzig med fak web
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BMWK Fz 2021 DTP Plot de

Eye tracking based, autostereoscopic monitor

Between 2012 and 2015, ACL has already developed successfully an innovative concept in the field of autostereoscopic 3D display to enable its use for visualization in medical environments. The result was a new, eye tracking based autostereoscopic monitor that could display excellent image quality in 3D without glasses or additional modules.

Foerderprojekte MD 2711 3D front web

Example model for the eye tracking based, autostereoscopic monitor

Foerderprojekte MD 2711 3D kopf web

Excellent image quality in 3D without glasses or additional modules