All-in-One Industrial PCs from ACL convince in the plants of thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems has equipped its production lines in two plants in Leipzig with 240 high-performance All-in-One PCs from ACL. The Industrial PCs with PCAP multi-touchscreens are suitable for continuous operation and are used to record operating and machine data, to control the machines or to visualize production processes.

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Hardware requirements and individualization of ACL Industrial PCs


ACL Industrial PCs are developed and produced in Germany. They stand for the highest quality, robustness and maximum customizability in sizes 15" to 55" - whether in large series or even in small quantities. All relevant production steps are located at one site in Markkleeberg near Leipzig. Compliance with high standards and certifications is very important and an integral part of our production processes.

Individual adjustment of the touchscreen configuration for different work gloves

The prerequisite for using the All-in-One PCs in the plants of thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems was not only a closed housing but also the simple and precise operability of the PCAP touchscreen with different types of work gloves. Therefore, tests were successfully carried out on the usability of the touchscreen with different types of gloves used by thyssenkrupp employees. The touchscreen was customized by ACL's development department to guarantee the best operation for the employees working on the machines.

No splinters or sharp cut edges during the breakage test for occupational safety

In the harsh industrial environment, ACL Industrial PCs are subject to strict occupational safety requirements. To this end, thyssenkrupp has defined numerous tests for the Industrial PCs. For example, a breakage test was carried out on site to determine the mechanical resilience of the device, in which a 1 kg steel hammer was dropped from a height of 3.6 m onto the front of the panel PC without the glass pane shattering or showing sharp cut edges. The damage evaluation of the breakage test showed that all tests of thyssenkrupp on the ACL Industrial PCs were completed successfully. There is no risk to the user and electrical safety is still guaranteed.

Data protection and easy exchange of the software image

To ensure data protection, the hard disk can be easily removed from the device using a removable frame. This means that all data remains with the customer in the event of servicing or can be replaced quickly in the event of a defect.

Customized housing painting and glass printing with customer logo

The closed, fanless all-aluminum housing of the ACL Industrial PCs is painted in the customer's corporate color. The front design of the glass panel is individualized in color and provided with the customer's logo.

Tilt and swivel monitor holder as an accessory

The ACL Industrial PC has an integrated VESA interface for service-friendly, tool-free device installation. The high-contrast and bright TFT panel with an all-round viewing angle of 178° enables employees to view the device in true color. If the position of the device needs to be changed, a tilt and swivel monitor mount is part of the complete solution offered by ACL.

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Product highlights at a glance


  • Passively cooled hardware solution with milled all-aluminum housing without openings and rotating parts
  • Silent and suitable for tough 24/7 continuous operation in demanding industrial environments
  • ACL cooling system ensures a long service life by cooling the electronic components
  • Tested against vibration, shock, moisture, water, cold, heat, bacteria, oil, dirt or dust
  • Easy and precise operation of the multi-touch screen with work gloves
  • High-contrast TFT panel with all-round viewing angle in IPS technology for detailed color display
  • IP65 protection class and smooth surfaces without openings - therefore high hygiene safety thanks to easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Service-friendly, tool-free device installation with integrated VESA interface
  • Low power consumption thanks to powerful ULV processors of the current Intel® generation
  • Simple cable management at the bottom and optional cable covers in various IP protection classes
  • Illuminated function keys on the front with capacitive keypad and customizable key actions
  • Customized housing painting in RAL and special glass printing with customer logo possible
  • Long availability of over 10 years is guaranteed thanks to the use of high-quality industrial components
  • Integrated power supply unit
  • Production, design and electronic development as well as service in Germany
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Reliable project work at a high level with thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems


From consulting, planning and prototype development through to product delivery, both sides pursued a common goal and work at a high level. Thanks to a productive, constant exchange as well as efficient and short coordination processes with various on-site appointments, the project was successfully realized within a very short time. ACL would like to thank thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems for the pleasant cooperation and for the trust placed in our products and services.

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thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems

At currently eight locations worldwide, thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems offers services and assembly solutions for chassis and powertrains, including prototypes and series parts, as well as the implementation of logistics concepts.

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