Video capturing - new ways in archiving and documentation

ACL opens new perspectives in the field of visualisation. With the classic OR-PC®, the OR-PC® Box and the OR-Console®, new ways of archiving and documenting patient and image data are possible. The connection to HIS systems and PACS archives can also facilitate documentation and archiving and provide relief for medical staff.

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Integration of video capture cards

The OR-PC® and the OR-PC® Box with 10" PCAP multi-touch screen can be extended with an optional video capture card according to customer requirements. This allows a variety of video sources to be connected directly in order to record, process and document external image signals directly.

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Optimal for the use of image and video management in hospitals

Both the OR-PC® Box and the OR-PC® are optimally adapted to the needs of hospitals for video capturing through an integrable video capture card and a touch screen, so that they can be used, for example, for image and video management in the operating theatre and during endoscopic interventions. 


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High variety of equipment

In addition to a variety of video connections, a foot switch can also be connected to the unit to allow medical staff to control it by foot and, for example, to change video sources. In addition, another second screen can be connected and supplied with power if required. 

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The OR-PC® and the OR-PC® Box with 10" PCAP multi-touch screen are water- and dust-proof on the front side. Dust turbulence is avoided by the fanless, completely enclosed design. The full-surface protective glass pane makes it completely disinfectable. The flush installation avoids surfaces or edges where dirt can accumulate. An additional antibacterial coating is optionally available.

Glas Laser 37

High quality thin glass

The protective glass panels from ACL are made of high-quality thin glass with anti-reflective coating (AR) and anti-fingerprint coating (AF) as standard. This impresses with high scratch resistance and resilience, saves weight and increases the display brightness. The layout for the glass printing can be customised. 

ACL develops IT hardware for Softneta - a specialist in medical imaging and communication solutions

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Reliability and trust

"Softneta as a specialist in medical imaging and communication solutions has a successful, long-time business relationship with ACL as manufacturer of IT hardware in the medical industry. One of Softneta's software solutions intended for medical video recording for high quality HD into DICOM directly depends on this highly valued partnership."

Vytautas Baublys, CEO, Softneta

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Made in Germany

ACL produces as an independent owner-managed company in Germany and is therefore able to fully and independently manufacture and supply individual and high-quality products to satisfy your needs.

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ACL's core products at a glance

  • OR PC1
    highly customizable

    OR-PC® – Our centrepiece product for tough continuous use

  • OR MD
    Bright, true-colour displays

    OR-MD® – video and image reproduction in Full-HD or 4K resolution

  • OR Console2
    central control platform

    OR-CONSOLE® – the individual and versatile wall module